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National Neurovision Research Institute

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)


PART I: Overview

1. Background and Objective

The National Neurovision Research Institute (NNRI) and the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) are dedicated to supporting research to advance therapeutic and preventive strategies for inherited orphan retinal degenerative diseases into the clinic. Through the efforts of investigators supported by FFB and NNRI, substantial advances have been made in our understanding of these diseases, including genetic determinants, cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms, cell-based therapeutic approaches, the role of nutrition and environmental factors, neuroprotection, and gene therapy strategies. With this enhanced knowledge, new treatment and prevention strategies are being developed and can now be tested in the clinical setting. In order to capitalize on current and emerging opportunities, NNRI recognizes the importance of and need to ensure an adequate supply of clinical scientists. This new program for enhanced research and clinical training is intended to support the recruitment and retention of a strong pool of physician/scientists with a commitment to clinical research on inherited orphan retinal degenerative diseases. The Program will provide support and protected time to individuals with M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. degrees for career development in clinical research related to inherited orphan retinal degenerative diseases leading to research and clinical independence.

2. Key Dates

Application Receipt Date: December 1, 2011
Earliest Anticipated Award Date: February 2012

3. Executive Summary

  • The goal of the NNRI enhanced research and clinical training program is to ensure that an adequate pool of highly trained physician/scientists is available to address current and future needs and opportunities for clinical research and therapy related to inherited orphan retinal degenerative diseases. 3
    National Neurovision Research Institute
    Enhanced Career Development Award

  • Eligible applicants must (i) possess an M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree, (ii) hold a full-time tenure-track or equivalent appointment at the sponsoring institution with a commitment of no less than five (5) years, (iii) commit at least 80% of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) to the program, and (iv) have successfully completed an ophthalmology residency or equivalent training. For purposes of this Announcement and awards made pursuant to this Announcement, the definition of “FTE” in terms of weekly hours of effort will be that which is conventionally utilized by the sponsoring institution.

  • Applications may be submitted on behalf of the candidate by domestic and foreign, public and private academic institutions and hospitals, as well as laboratories affiliated with such institutions.

  • Awards will be for a project period of three (3) years with two options to extend the period of award for a fourth and a fifth year.

  • Up to a total of $170,000 per year may be requested to cover salary, fringe benefits and research support costs combined.

Please send questions to: Grants@FightBlindness.org.

NNRI Enhanced Career Development Application Instructions (PDF File)

Face Page (Word File)
Budget Form (Excel File)

NNRI is a Support Organization of the Foundation Fighting Blindness